GOLD CIRCUIT ELECTRONICS LTD. (GCE) was established in 1981. In over two decades of operation, Quality and Customer Satisfaction have been our key principles. The market and our customers have moved towards diversification and a more global approach to business. Accordingly we have invested the SuZhou plant in Mainland China, which in addition to our existing Chung Li plant will increase our manufacturing capacity to over 1,000,000 sq. meters per month. We have plans to build a second factory in Suzhou to further increase our capacity as the market and our customer's demand increases.

In the past our focus has been on the computer-related products. (Servers, workstations, notebook personal computers and desktop personal computers, etc.). Over the past several years we have diversified into additional markets including telecommunications, networking, cell phones, high-current power supplies, storage, and many other exciting fields. Due to the rapid evolution within electronic products and the continuing trend towards technology differentiation we have increased our focus on Research & Development as well as short lead-times to improve our ability to support our customers in critical time-to-market applications.

The market has become more demanding in regards to quality certifications, environmental protection, and fair labor practices. We have seen this trend for some time and have been accredited by ISO-9001,ISO-14001, and ISO-45001. We have established a comprehensive quality system ensuring that our products can fully conform to customer requirements. We look to continuously improve the service level to our customers and have set-up service affiliates in the United States, Europe, Mainland China, Japan and Singapore to insure we maintain best-in-class service. Our goal is provide the best service to our customers and form partnerships which go beyond current business to include future technology requirements, price/cost goals, and other business trends that will allow for long-lasting win-win relationship.

In summary, we have enhanced out company's guiding principles, Quality and Customer Satisfaction, with deep commitments to R&D, continuous improvements in customer service, and maintaining world-class industry accreditations. We want to ensure that we can satisfy our customer needs/requirements now and in the future. It is our goal to create mutually beneficial partnerships with our customers that allow us share a common vision and to prosper in all business conditions.